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Psychiatry Support

Medication Management

The decision to use medication to address behavioral and emotional issues is a family decision, and we take into account both risks and benefits and made it in consultation with a certified psychiatrist. A face-to-face assessment occurs between the child/family and a Board Certified Psychiatrist to evaluate the need for medication, prescribe as necessary, and provide ongoing medication management for children and adolescents.


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TeleHealth Psychiatry

In order to expand our reach to low-income individuals, we offer telehealth services at more than 25 locations, including Atlanta, Dekalb County, and Fulton County public schools and at other organizations that help homeless families and foster youth. Using laptops, we are able to provide a mental health diagnosis, evaluation, therapy, and medication services for low-income individuals, who often lack adequate transportation or are unable to take time off from work to travel to our location. Telehealth and outreach services allow us to reach many more individuals who otherwise would not receive the mental health care they need.


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