substance abuse


About the program:

A 6-hour program to be completed within a 1-week time frame, focusing on educational and self-assessment needs of individuals who require preventative substance abuse assistance.
Substance Abuse Prevention Program is built upon a view of how to deal with the urge, triggers, feelings, and emotional behaviors related to addictions. Participants are exposed to tools to help them understand anger, depression, anxiety, emotions, social interactions and other aspects to assist them in daily life.

Program Goals:

  • Maintain a healthy life style, free of substance abuse
  • Repairing damage relationships
  • Understanding of underlying co-occurring mental health issues
  • Learn to change old habits

*A certificate of completion is awarded to those who are compliant with all program requirements.

Topics Include:

  • Relapse prevention
  • Life management
  • First Step
  • Feelings
  • Brain Damage and memory loss
  • Knowing the facts