teen vehicle prevention


About the program:

A 3-hour program to be completed within a 1-day time frame, focusing on educational and self-assessment needs of individuals who require teen vehicle prevention assistance.
Teen Vehicle Prevention Workshop is designed to reduce teen traffic violations and death in car crashes. Participants are under the age of 21.

Program Goals:

  • Educate the Consequences of speeding
  • Understanding the dangers of texting while driving
  • Acknowledge the reality of death is a consequence
  • Understanding the importance and safety of seat belt use

*A certificate of completion is awarded to those who are compliant with all program requirements.

Topics Include:

  • Safe driving tips
  • Avoiding distractions while driving
  • Negative consequences for bad driving habits
  • Seat belt Safety
  • Focus on the most broken laws, newer laws, and some other laws driven maybe less aware of